DECOM Montenegro

Development, Consulting and Management company from Montenegro.

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We offer a wide scope of services!


Alternative analysis

Conceptual engineering


Legal and legislative framework


Main Design and revision of Main Design

Consulting in obtaining permits

Safety planning

Environmental impact studies

Fire protection studies


Tendering Process Management

Value Engineering

HSE evaluation of contractors

HSE plans

Waste management plans


Supervision of works, Material control

Quality control, Safety programs

Site coordination, MOS, Craft staffing and training

Equipment conformity check, Environmental

Testing & Pre-operations

Technical admission

Tests on completion

OPR check

Consulting in obtaining permits

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About us

established in 2014

Headquarters in Podgorica

Moskovska 159 (offices)

SKOJ 29 (official mail)

REGIONAL OFFICE in Kotor, Lastva Grbaljska


Project management, Consultancy services, Engineering, HSE, Environmental and Fire protection


Infrastructure, Industrial Buildings, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Public Buildings, Hotels, Renuwable Energy

WE EMPLOY over 20 engineers

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Moskovska 159 (offices)

SKOJ 29 (official mail)

Phone: (+382 20 240 809)

Fax: (+382 20 240 80)

Kotor Branch

Lastva Grbaljska bb, 85330 Kotor

Phone (mobile): (+382 67 003 001)

Phone (mobile): (+382 67 004 001)